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Blackpooltech Investigative Agency is a group of dedicated investigators, some of which have been doing their jobs for as long as thirty years. We have been involved in over three thousand cases since the year 2010, which has allowed us plenty of time to change and adapt to become the ultimate private investigation resource.

Blackpooltech is dedicated to help you find the truths about the people around you that you may not be able to uncover by yourself. Most importantly, this is all done discreetly, allowing you to be confident that no one will ever find out we’ve been in contact.


Value Proposition

Whether or not we will uncover what you're looking for is not a question—by doing business with Blackpooltech, we guarantee you that we will find answers in some form or another. Using our many years of experience, professional training, and top-of-the-line technology, acquiring information is a trivial feat for us. We believe it’s important that you, our client, are kept comfortably in the investigational loop.

How does Blackpooltech work?

Our work involves information beyond publicly available facts, this enables us to look into matters behind the scenes, always for security, investigations and within the legal framework. Mostly, we work in secrecy and rarely do our successes become public. Blackpooltech is an authorized criminal investigation agency specializing in operational support and investigative services to fight against transnational crimes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blackpooltech is the leading global provider of digital risk solutions, IT and Cyber Security services to both individual and corporate sector. Blackpooltech provides Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Fraud Investigation, Incident Response, Email Security, Cloud Security, Threat Response, Managed Cyber Security, Cyber Crime Investigation and digital services related to governance, risk and transparency.
If you suspect fraud, we advise you contact the nearest Police station to report and register the case. You may need to collect evidence of suspected fraud and with the support of our covert and certified fraud investigators, in this case, yes, we can help.
Every investigation is a sensitive issue, prior to each investigation we will work with you through an in-depth consultation. We understand your situation may be sensitive, therefore be assured that we treat each case and all aspects are handled in strict confidence.

We will require the following:
Send an email to our team at and explain the case in basic details and request what you require. Please do not sent personal data until we are engaged to work on your case.
You will receive a response from us within 24 hours outlining what we can do.
If you agree, you will need to appoint Blackpooltech to act for you
We conduct an investigation.
We keep you fully informed of the progress.
We issue you the final report and outcome.
If you are a LEA or Prosecutor, contact us directly as different terms apply.